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Today’s prompt made me think about circumstances in my own life- my experiences over the last eight years of severe chronic pain. In the end it has left me distant. Remote. Removed.

distant seas

I don’t get out much. The places I do go are fairly finite. I don’t hang out with friends offline. We see my parents about once a month. Pain is the reason. My pain either keeping me from driving or the meds to stop the pain are kicking my ass. In the end I have this feeling like holding your hand over a hot stove remembering how much the last time you touched it felt like. Hurt like hell. I have to weight out if -in the end-  the pain of the burn is outweighed by the benefits from the outing. Some times the fear of the pain is too strong.

hot stove

soc med icons

“Luckily”, we live in a time where nearly everything can be done online or over the phone- that old fashioned talking to people thing. 😉 I have strong support systems and great friends on social media. I can window-shop and source shiny new makeup online. This week I found a woman, Donna Owens, with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who teaches yoga for the chronic illness community. “Yoga, My Bed, and M.E.” She just wrote a book full of poses and sequences for all levels of abilities. I bought the Kindle reader version and have used it a few times this week. Pretty cool connection.

rope bridge

So, eight years on I have found a system that works pretty well for my limitations. Lately I have been able remotely shortcut the distance that exists in my life. I’d like to substitute the synonym REMOTE for DISTANT. A remote site can be an island, but it can be fully connected to those on the other side of the wire.

happy reading




Chronic pain warrior 💪🏼😤, punk addict 🤘🏽😜, tattoo habit, husband is super hot 💋😍, love my 2 beagles 🐶🐾, and playing with makeup! 💄💅🏼

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