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Uniforms can help groups feel a sense on unity and connection. It can be a short-handed way to know whose one of your “kind”. This can be ultra ridged or super informal. I’d like to talk about the latter.

My biggest passion in probably music- most punk and hardcore. My ultimate favorite bands are Green Day and My Chemical Romance. Our uniforms- band tees, bracelets, buttons, patches, and more- give us a sense of pride that in a small way we can represent the ideals of our band’s music. It might just look like basic band merch from Hot Topic, but we wear it with pride. We have symbols-images- that others in the fandom will recognize us by even if we don’t speak the same language or live on the same continent.



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Chronic pain warrior 💪🏼😤, punk addict 🤘🏽😜, tattoo habit, husband is super hot 💋😍, love my 2 beagles 🐶🐾, and playing with makeup! 💄💅🏼

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