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Crisp: Possible Side Effects

Rant: I blog about makeup so taking photos are important! CRISP photos! I have pretty bad hand tremors. It’s from the pain, from my bipolar meds, and simple genetic inheritance. I have to take 2-3 photos to assure I’ve got a good image. 

It’s not just sharp photos. My favorite restaurant serves the best thai coconut soup. To my frustration and embarrassment one day I shook so bad I couldn’t take spoon to mouth without spilling it all. I had a little cry and said fuck it- and drank it with a straw. Win. When I get blood work the techs always think I’m nervous and scared of the needles. Random people comment on it occasionally. Like I don’t notice it myself?? 

Okay, rant over. I hate my shaking hands, but my blog has some pretty crisp photos! Pro tip: octo tripod! 😜🤘🏽


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“Punk Polish”

Is this polish or Polish? I’m going with the former. I’m in a bit of a chronic illness brain foggy day so this association is a little shallow possibly. I thought of NAIL polish. I’m in love with punk and my dress is certainly reflective of that. My clothing color palette is black, grey, pink, and white. Lol 

But, I simply LOVE my black nail polish! I’m almost always wearing Wet n Wild’s (cruelty free!) 1 Step Wonder Gel in Power Outage! Even better- I love it chipped to hell! Granted the chipping is a bit extreme in my photo. 😜 I feel the most punk polished in ratty black polish, dirty chucks, and distressed jeans!

*Purple laces- chronic pain Awareness 

*Teal chucks- trigeminal neuralgia awareness


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Natty- adjective: (especially of a person or an article of clothing) smart and fashionable. Synonyms: smart, stylish, fashionable, dapper, debonair, well dressed, chic, elegant, trim

sephora display

WHAT? I’ll have to admit that I do NOT know this word! This might be a bit of a mental leap, but I think of makeup. Shock for anyone who knows me! I love playing with makeup and experimenting. I’m never quiet as happy as when I’m on an Ulta haul! But, back to the word of the day. My love is almost entirely for drugstore makeup. Gasp! I “only” own two high end products. Drugstore products are amazing and they get looked down on simple because my bronzer cost $8.99 from CVS and not Too Faced’s $30 bronzer. If something is affordable, “cheap”, it immediately gets the stink eye! So, I can be just as smart, fashionable, and stylish in my Nyx as you can be in your Urban Decay.

These photos were taken for my blog, Beauty and the Beagles, that focuses on cruelty free, drugstore health and beauty. Yes, I was wearing chipped black nail polish. Still am!My makeup might be “normal”, but I am punk in my heart! 😉 At least it’s cruelty free! ;P

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punk af