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“Punk Polish”

Is this polish or Polish? I’m going with the former. I’m in a bit of a chronic illness brain foggy day so this association is a little shallow possibly. I thought of NAIL polish. I’m in love with punk and my dress is certainly reflective of that. My clothing color palette is black, grey, pink, and white. Lol 

But, I simply LOVE my black nail polish! I’m almost always wearing Wet n Wild’s (cruelty free!) 1 Step Wonder Gel in Power Outage! Even better- I love it chipped to hell! Granted the chipping is a bit extreme in my photo. ­čśť I feel the most punk polished in ratty black polish, dirty chucks, and distressed jeans!

*Purple laces- chronic pain Awareness 

*Teal chucks- trigeminal neuralgia awareness


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Uniforms can help groups feel a sense on unity and connection. It can be a short-handed way to know whose one of your “kind”. This can be ultra ridged or super informal. I’d like to talk about the latter.

My biggest passion in probably music- most punk and hardcore. My ultimate favorite bands are Green Day and My Chemical Romance. Our uniforms-┬áband tees, bracelets, buttons, patches, and more-┬ágive us a sense of pride┬áthat in a small way we can┬árepresent the ideals of our band’s music. It might just look like basic band merch from Hot Topic, but we wear it with pride. We have symbols-images- that others in the fandom will recognize us by even if we don’t speak the same language or live on the same continent.



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